Lab safety is important!!

Microscopes are fragile. Do not turn the microscope upside down or the lenses will fall off and break.  Never clean lenses with anything except lens cloths.


Be Neat:

When working in a biology lab, make sure you keep your area neat and organized. If you happen to spill something, ask for assistance when cleaning it up. Also remember to clean your work area and wash your hands when you are finished.  Clean up your own lab station.

Be Careful:

An important biology lab safety rule is to be careful. You may be working with glass or sharp objects, so you don't want to handle them carelessly.


Sharps must go in red plastic sharps container!!!

If someone gets cut:

            Hand the person paper towels to stop the bleeding.

            Use gloves before touching any person’s injury.

            Notify the teacher at once!!

Wear Proper Clothing:

Accidents do happen in a biology lab.

Some chemicals have the potential to damage clothing.

You will also want to wear proper shoes that can protect your feet in case something gets broken.

Sandals or any type of open-toed shoes are not recommended.


Be Cautious With Chemicals:

MSDS  - material safety data sheets – are located on the south wall of the lab in a bright yellow notebook.  These have important information about all chemicals in our lab.

Stains will ruin your clothing. Wear stuff you don’t care about.

Formaldehyde will irritate your eyes and make you smell bad.

Wash your hands.


Ventilation- ventilation fan switches are on the west wall of the lab and should be turned on during dissections.


Locate Safety Equipment:

n  First aid kit is in the back of the room on the south side of the lab

n  Eyewash station is in the big sink at the back of the room

n  In an emergency, please exit the building according to the emergency instructions posted on the wall.


 Biology Lab Don'ts:

There are several things in a biology lab that you must always avoid. Here are a few major laboratory do nots.

Do Not

         eat or drink in the lab

         taste any chemicals or substances you are working with

         use your mouth for pipetting substances

         handle broken glass with bare hands

         pour chemicals down the drain without permission

         operate lab equipment without permission

         perform your own experiments unless given permission

         leave any heated materials unattended

         place flammable substances near heat

         engage in childish antics such as horseplay or pranks